It's Time To Go Home

When you’re heart is broken, when nothing makes sense, when you don’t know what to do… Go to Church. I don’t necessarily mean an actual, religious church. Maybe. But not necessarily. I mean Church with a capital “C”. Go where you worship. Go where your soul speaks. Go Home. Get to the people, places, and practices that ground and support you. Because a grounded and supported thing… A thing that feels safe… will naturally open and flourish. Every time. I guarantee it. Every time.

It would be easy to let your fuse get lit and strike out in anger. It would be easy to blame and slander and throw a tantrum. And maybe you would be completely justified. But it doesn’t matter that you’d be justified… What matters is that it’s not useful. It doesn’t bring us any closer to the end we’re seeking. What’s needed now is not a further perpetuation of otherness. What’s needed now is that we get to work.

Get to work on discovering and making your contribution. Get to work on taking that hard, honest look in the mirror that you’ve been working so hard to avoid. Get to work on identifying what is meaningful and important to you and doing what’s necessary to make your investments of time, energy, money, and attention align with those priorities.

Sit in silence and ask yourself, “What is it time for?”

Don’t try to answer the question… Instead, listen for an answer that arises from, curiously, somehow, inside of you and Someplace Else at the same time.

No matter what work is ahead of you, the first step is to come Home. It’s where the warrior goes before and after battle. It’s where we go to prepare and recover. It’s where we go to remind ourselves of who we truly are, how we hope to show up, and what remains after the dust settles.

Art. Movement. Prayer. Meditation. Family. Nature. All good starting points if you’re not sure where Home is. Don’t worry, now that you’re looking for it, you’ll feel it when you get there.

Let’s not waste valuable time filling the streets with our fear. Instead, fill them with kindness toward one another. Fill the mosques. Fill the yoga studios. Let the concert halls and mountain trails spill over with your devotion. Because you know that the first place to go is inward… into feeling, into listening, into reflection, into study. It’s so tempting to look outside, I understand… The inside hurts so much. It’s so scary and it’s so much responsibility. But you know where you need to go. You know.